USWAP Basics Video #1 | How to Stake and Earn Free UME Tokens

This video is showing USWAP Basics and video guide on how to:

– Swap TRX into UME Tokens
– Add Liquidity into the Pool
– Stake and Earn Free UME Tokens
– Claim your Free UME Tokens

For educational purpose only.
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2 thoughts on “USWAP Basics Video #1 | How to Stake and Earn Free UME Tokens

  1. Hey Coach! If you are interested , I am building my team up in Bankroll Flow and I will send you $50 worth of BNKRX tokens to deposit so you can check it out. The platform has been around for quite awhile and just added the Flow dAPP. It pays out 1% of the tokens you deposit daily and, if you join my team I will show you a trick to get 30% extra tokens every time you ROLL your rewards back into the platform and 10% extra every time you CLAIM your rewards. Plus, the price of BNKRX has went from 12 TRX less than a week ago to over 22 TRX today so there is a lot of potential here. I appreciate all the videos you produce. Very informative!


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