ENG SUB |《人不彪悍枉少年 When We Were Young 2018》EP09——侯明昊、萬鵬、張耀、代露娃

《人不彪悍枉少年 | When We Were Young 2018》共24集,侯明昊、萬鵬、張耀、代露娃主演。
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1996年的夏天,飞毛腿杨夕在追赶“偷车贼”的时候被实验室爆炸的冲击波伤了腿,没法参加可以给高考加分的长跑比赛。开学后杨夕发现这个“罪魁祸首” 居然还转到了自己的班级、抢走了她想要连任的班长之职。而这少年就是——一个热血、仗义、有点冲动的理科天才。

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33 thoughts on “ENG SUB |《人不彪悍枉少年 When We Were Young 2018》EP09——侯明昊、萬鵬、張耀、代露娃

  1. Li Yu is really too precious
    personally I feel like Hua Biao is the type of boy I would have a crush on and if Li Yu treats me like he does with Yang Xi then I would be in love with him

    PS: second time watching it because nothing better to do at home

  2. I love this drama because there are so many metamorphic hints in the dialogue and situations that compliments the emotions of characters. Love it!

  3. Omg! Have u guys noticed.. the lake scene… Biao is wearing the same jacket as that of Jiang chen from A love so beautiful!!!

  4. Ok. Now Li Yue is being a bit of a jerk to Deng Deng. I get that he doesn't like her but he doesn't have to be so harsh to her when all she's trying to do is help him. =_=

    My heart hurts for you Deng Deng – ❤

  5. I thank god for a mother like mine. She tells me to get good grades but never threatens or stuff things down my throat. Even when i do bad and i get upset at myself she always tell me "there is always next time" so i don't stress but most of the times i get over 75 so i am average but i go to the top public girl school in my country so i could be called above average but whatever. I don't ever think you should act like that about grades because it puts more stress on them and stress in not a good thing. We already stress when we hear there is a test much less when we get threatened. I know most parents do it because they want there kids to have better future than them, at least that's what my mother said and i am one of those people happy to say that me and my mother have never argued over grades.

  6. I'm in my last year of my school ….i guess I'm going to miss my school days so much …..i can't even enjoy this year because of corona virus!
    It doesn't angers me it hurts me💘

  7. I see why Liyu wouldn't tell Yangxi his feelings. He's afraid that she only looks at him like a brother and if he told her and she didn't like it, instead of becoming boyfriend and girlfriend, they might even lose their relationship as brother and sister…but yet again, that doesn't work either bc Liyu just keeps his feelings in his heart and downs tell anyone…with that, nothing can happen between him and Yangxi😩

  8. At the time of watching her I remembered my chemistry exam. I was so nervous and the teacher was really strict. It still gives me lumps bumps. 😇🥰❤


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